ChuChu Tv, CoComelon, YouTube Channel For Kids

ChuChu Tv and CoComelon are the most popular YouTube channels for viewing and connecting worldwide. That means the media take place millions of internet users for its contents. They are always popular for their educative and informative content.

YouTube channels for kids are designed based on their interests. As like- you may investigate the media –

  • Chuchu Tv
  • CoComelon- Nursery rhymes
  • Kids Channel – Cartoon Videos for Kids
  • SimpleCrafts – 5 Minute Crafts For All
  • thebrainscoop
  • Kids Play

If you ask me what channel is best for you, I will say all of the best, but I will keep them on top of the channels. So first- ChuChu Tv and then CoComelon are.

CoComelon and ChuChu Tv For Children

Above both in the heading, CoComelon and ChuChu Tv are designed for the kids. We all are the opposite of providing internet-based devices to kids. How can you or we be successful in doing this? And doing this is right for you or us with the kids?

We all should be positive and effective in using the internet-based world to make our next generation up to date with the present world.

Thinking about the kids, many digital-minded YouTuber start their journey to present a dependent future to the next generation. They could motivate the present parents to provide their children with internet-based devices.

Before, they had a negative concept about the internet sharing with their children. That was fear of being addicted to the devices and the internet. Also, the children might be addicted to unfair cultures using the internet. Otherwise, they were being unhealthy for using the internet.

All of the thinking keeping in mind, the YouTubers design their content ideas for the kids. By connecting to the internet, the users can now learn about initial education.

How do the channels are for Kids?

The interests are classified based on age. That means early ages’ interests are never like middle ages’ what you like the kids don’t. Thus what they prefer to you don’t.

That is why the channels listed above are for children—all of the channels’ content ideas for kids.

Chuchu Tv

ChuChu Tv is an Indian Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs YoutTube channel. The Channel contains songs and stories for kids. The words of songs introduce many other things like animals, color, fruit, and ideas. But, on the other hand, the story says talk of life.

All of the contents teach them to be rational. They also help to be realistic in life.

The Founder of ChuChu Tv

Vinoth Chandar, the founder, CEO, and Creative Director started his journey in 2013. He sets out the ChuChu Tv to entertain the children. He also thinks of considering the children so that Chuchu Tv can teach them.

Video Content

ChuChu TV consists of various YouTube channels for children. They are reserved for making 2D and 3D animation videos.

All of the videos use traditional nursery rhymes incorporating peppy music. The pieces of music can make the children amusement.

Present Chuchu Tv

Channel – ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs and storytime
Years active- 2013–present
Genre – Edutainment
Subscribers- 53 million
Total views-35.1 billion

Source- Wikipedia

CoComelon- Nursery rhymes

Cocomelon is another nursery rhymes youtube channel. It is also designed for kids to be entertained and educated. All of the content of Cocomelon are made thinking of the kids’ interests and ages.

Cocomelon’s consistent use of characters and a similar aesthetic effectively drives to other nursery rhyme collections on YouTube.

The Founder of CoComelon

Jay Jeon founded Cocomelon on September 1, 2006, to entertain and teach children free. I think he is booming as the Channel can fulfill the purpose.

Video Content

All of the video contents are created with 3D animation videos. All of the characters are 3D cartons. That means for making the videos; Jay Jeon used graphics.

The words nursery rhymes familiarize the familiar things like animals, color, fruit, and more. By the animation, Jay tries to teach the Alphabet, the name of colors, and the behavior of human beings.

Cocomelon information

Origin- United States
Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes
Years active – 2006–present
Genre- Education, nursery rhymes
Subscribers- 129 million
Total views- 120 billion

Source- Wikipedia

Kids Channel – Cartoon Videos for Kids

Kids Channel is an online educational platform to teach children. The platform’s contents are designed with graphics, rhymes, and songs to entertain. As a result, the kids learn with joy.

KIDS CHANNEL is devoted to cultivating young minds into young brains. In the channel, he uses home to the Little Red Car, Monster Truck Dan, The Road Rangers, The Plagued House Monster Truck, and many more fun friends.

The founder

Uday Singh founded USP in 2013. He is one of the top three content creators who create Kids’ video content. In addition, he makes videos for teaching the kids and for entertaining.

Kids Play

Kids Play is the next choosable media for the Kids. It is my personal compliment about the channel. The channel undoubtedly produces high-quality educative content for the kids. If I think about their activities in the production, I become pleased thinking about our children. They are most benefited from diving into the Channel.

In the channel, you have fun and entertainment with learning. You mean your children. Thankfully, they could present their content with beautiful components. Like- real kids, tools, and color combinations are.

Using real characters, the channel represents natural arts among the kids to make them fun.

Why is the best ChuChu Tv?

ChuChu TV presents hundreds of colorful academic rhymes for children of all ages. It designed the symbols in a way to make kids delighted and innovative. They also have jingles adjusted for primary knowledge for infants.

Validating kids memorizing, ABC and Math, children nursery rhymes, and fun kids’ video songs. That means your children will learn by singing dancing, which innovatively provides fun and pastime.

Think about your child who loves to make himself amused by having the songs and dance. For that, what should you do? Don’t it is better if he has fun with learning?

I hope you are positive about me. I have a girl baby who always wants to hear songs. And she forces me to have my phone. So then I provide the phone with ChuChu Tv Sons. So that is why it can delight her.

Is YouTube right for the Kids?

“No” will be the answer if you can lead your kids to the next level of your goal. What does that mean? That means is to continue their life without present technology like the internet.

Is it possible? Hopefully, yes or not.

For that, all members must leave using internet-based devices. Then It has another question. It is “How beneficial is it for the kids?”

Personally, I think it is not good keeping them aloof from the present blessing of technology. Using the technology, you can optimize them for the nation that is impossible to be analog.

Final Thought

If you are positive about the present technology, you must connect your kids to it. For that, you have to choose the best one.

To make your kids updated with the present world, you should introduce them to ChuChu Tv and CoComelon. Both of them are the best for the kids to make them joyful and educated.

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