DSW Shoes: DSW for women, Men, And Kids

Branded, high-quality, and high designed shoes mean DSW Shoes. Designer Brands Inc. is an American company selling designer and branded shoes. If you are one to hair well-designed and branded shoes, you may go forward step by step. By diving into the whole article, you can be introduced to a famous “Designer Shoe Warehouse.”

The owner of the DSW store chain operates more than 500 stores and an e-commerce website in the United States. They design shoes according to the consumer’s choice. They have become popular because they produce products according to the consumers’ tastes. 

The shoe is beautifully designed to appeal to consumers. As a result, their company has become very popular among the people. DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, casual and athletic footwear, designer clothing. DSW now operates more than 500 stores in 44 states.

History of DSW

Set out of the company

The company was founded in 1969 as Shonak Corporation, as a shoe licensee from Value City. In 1991, the company opened its first store in Dublin, Ohio. The company acquired Value City in 1998. By 1999, the company had 48 stores.

Transformation public company and starting an e-commerce website

Affiliate of Retail Ventures acquired the company in December 2004. In March 2005, the company experienced massive data theft, including customer data from 1.4 million credit card transactions. In June 2005, the company was transformed into a public company through an initial public offering. The company launched its e-commerce website in April 2008.

The agreements

Retail Ventures acquired its largest shareholder in 2011. On the other hand, in 2014, the company acquired a 44% stake in the Canadian shoe store Chain Town Shoes. In addition, they have entered into a licensing agreement for the DSW name. 

The company acquired Ebuys in February 2016 for 62.5 million. The company added shoes for children to its list in July 2016. In August 2016, the company entered into a franchising agreement with the Apparel brand to open a DSW store in the Middle East.

It reached an agreement with Under Armor to carry underarm shoes in DSW stores in March 2017. In June 2017, the company opened a store in Oman. It is his first shop in the Middle East. In May 2018, the company acquired the remaining shares of Town Shoes to acquire full ownership.

 In February 2019, the company announced the addition of nail salons to 5 stores after testing the concept in 2 stores in Columbus, Ohio. Additionally, in March 2019, DSW rebranded its corporate name to a designer brand. The company has been in effect on the NYSE since April 2, 2019, from its ticker symbol “DSW” to “DBI.”

Entertainer Jennifer Lopez collaborated with the brand to launch the line in March 2020. When the chain closed all its retail stores due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the line was redesigned to include sneakers and comfortable shoes while working with fashion trends at home.

Who was the founder of DSW designer shoes?

The founder of DSW designer shoes is J. L. Schottenstein. He studied at Indiana University Bloomington. He is the Executive Chairman and CEO of American Eagle Outfitters Inc., And now he is the chairman of these companies.

The first half of life

J. L. Schottenstein was born in 1954 in Columbus, Ohio, to a Jewish family. He is the son of Geraldine (née Hurwitz) and Jerome Schotenstein. His father, uncle, and grandfather founded the Schottenstein Store Corporation. He graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 1976.


Schottenstein started his father’s business in 1976. Join Value City Furniture. He became chairman of the American Eagle Outfitters in 1992. He was CEO from 1992 to 2002 and CEO until December 2015. After his father’s death, he succeeded his father in 1993 as head of the Schottenstein Store Corporation. Since 2005, J. L. Schottenstein has served as chairman of DSW.

Is DSW a good brand?

Of course, DSW is a good brand incredibly dedicated to shoes and footwear items. Are you looking for good low priced shoes? Of course, you have to say yes. It offers a good range of fair price brands and a tempting clearance category. You can get good shoes at low prices; these products attract buyers. They produce shoes for the winter season. You will feel comfortable wearing these shoes. So DSW shoes will be perfect for you.

Is DSW the same as a shoe company?

Designer Brands The Shoe Company in Canada. They handle several retail concepts, including shoe warehouses that provide convenient footwear solutions for the whole family. DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse – There are about 150 locations in all. That means you can choose DSW Shoes from any place where you are.

Why do you prefer DSW designer shoes?

At the heart of the DSW designer, the shoe ware designer brand is their flagship retail brand. With thousands of shoes for women, men, and kids in over 500 stores across the United States and Canada, I think DSW is a delight to find the perfect shoe at the ideal price. There are thousands of designs here. Here you will find your favorite shoes as your choice able design by everyone in your family. In addition, there is a vast assortment of handbags and accessories. Customers can shop at dsw.ca anytime for a more extensive selection, making it easy and convenient to explore all the fashions offered by DSW. And your free ticket is exclusive.

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