Foods that contain fibre the most

Fibre is an essential nutrient in our diet that must contain a significant proportion of our meals. Doctors and dieticians regularly advise most of their patients to have high fibrous food in order to remain fit. It does not necessarily make you a superhuman, as most readers may get confused that it is some kind of superfood. Like all the other nutrients which our food contains like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals fibre is also on the list. There is no age barrier to eating fibre, from teenagers to old men anyone can take it.

The few functions of fibre that make it highly beneficial are its use in getting clear bowels. As a food item fibre comes under roughage in the same category as water. Being a roughage determines that it is not absorbed by the cells and tissues to produce glucose like other nutrients. So, how is it then useful? Fibre is not broken down into simpler forms like other nutrients on the action of enzymes. But the fibre provides the necessary lubrication in the gut making the churned-down food move smoothly through the colon.

This is why people who take less fibre in their diet encounter difficulty in getting smooth bowels because of a lack of lubrication in the gut. And without a smooth bowel in the morning, we know how the entire day feels. A smooth bowel is a basis for good metabolism, blood pressure and positivity. Hence, it is better to consume fibre-rich foods instead of taking Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the foods that contain fibre the most and they should constitute your meal.


There is a famous saying, “An Apple keeps the doctor away”. This is not just a statement to please children but a fact that eating an apple is extremely beneficial for health. Apple is a rich source of fibre; an average-sized apple will contain 4 grams of fibre. Being a fibrous food, it can be taken by anyone. Its high fibrous content makes it a fruit that can be consumed in all seasons. This is because several fruits are advised to be eaten in specific seasons as it can lead to cough, cold etc. With apple, you need not worry about such issues.

Apple is mostly consumed raw by cutting it into slices, many also like it as apple pie or apple juice. But do not add excess sweeteners that can make it unhealthy.


Another food that is commonly present in every one of our kitchens but most of us didn’t know its nutritional benefits is potato. In Asian cuisines it has a profound use as any curry contains potatoes along with the main vegetable whereas in several dishes potato is also the main ingredient. In European and western nations potato is consumed as mashed potato without any spice, just little black pepper etc. Potato is considered a carbohydrate-rich food which is true but besides it also has significant fibre content.

So, along with providing real-time energy with carbohydrates if a food item is providing fibre that will further enhance your energy, then what’s wrong with taking it. But in current times potatoes have got a bad name due to their extensive use in fast food items like French fries which it is deep-fried in oil. Thus, the healthy and nutritional had turned into a cholesterol-rich food items. Such food items have become regular meals for today’s generation of teenagers. Thus, parents and senior members of society indirectly have created a bad name for potatoes.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits such as dates, plums, and raisins are a rich source of energy. It is said that instead of taking a full meal a handful of dry fruits, will provide the same amount of nutrients. Now, from this, you can identify the intensity of energy in these food items. Dry fruits like fruits are rich in fibre which is why constipated people are suggested to take small amounts of dry fruits regularly. As dry fruits produce sufficient heat, hence taking excess can lead to inflammation of the gut and irregular bowels. Thus, it can worsen your situation of constipation, so eat but within limits.

Dry fruits are not liked by many people as raw, hence, they grind them and add milk or make a smoothie. A single glass of dry fruits smoothie is more than enough to keep your stomach full for two meals.


The list of foods that contain fibre is very long and they constitute from side ingredients to main ingredients. But every food items have fibre along with other nutrients, you must go for foods where fibre is dominant. This will prevent you from looking for drugs like Fildena  100 and Super P Force.

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