How Long Do Electric Longboards Last?

Electric longboards can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, particularly the best electric longboards. Therefore, investing in something that won’t survive at least a year would be a terrible waste of money. Let’s find out if e-skates can last for several years or not. Naturally, this relies on your riding technique, the terrain, how often you ride the board, and the quality of the board’s construction. 

Nevertheless, we may make certain generalizations and projections in light of this. Some components are more likely to break down or wear out from repeated usage. They are indicating that a sooner replacement is expected to be necessary. In this article, you will get everything about How long do electric longboards last? So keep reading!

Standard Electric longboard Lifespan

The parts of an electric longboard primarily determine how long it will last. Some e-skate features, including decks, ESCs, engines, and trucks, are designed for long-term usage, whereas others wear out more quickly. A major factor in extending an e-lifespan skate is correct usage and maintenance. As a result, maintenance practices of e-board owners also affect durability.

 It’s preferable to visit well-known forums or organizations made up of seasoned users to acquire an idea, estimation, or average figure because the lifespan of electric longboards varies. A well-maintained electric skateboard may survive for two years or more, claims a well-known subreddit dedicated to e-skaters.

How long does an electric longboard’s battery last?

A Li-Ion Battery (Regular Battery) will endure 300–1000 charge cycles before losing 80–90% of its capacity, provided the board and charger are adequately maintained. In other words, if you use your electric skateboard daily, the battery should last between one and three years. The most critical factor affecting battery life is how many cycles the batteries can withstand before the capacity degrades. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries also have a finite lifespan and will gradually lose their ability.

Four key factors will influence this, and they are as follows:

  • The riding style of the user. We all ride differently; some of us are heavier than others, some have a goofier stance than others, and some utilize the kicktail on their board if they have one. 
  • Gutter drop and others of us would have come from a downhill skate background and occasionally like to throw in a gnarly boardslide. 
  • These elements affect the amount of stress placed on the board, its components, and its parts.
  • The biking conditions in the area. The longevity of an electric skateboard will also depend on the riding circumstances in the area. Especially if using an all-terrain board, rough surfaces like pavement or roads, train tracks, loose pebbles, water, and even gravel, sand, or dirt,
  • Use of the board regularly. Riders who commute or use the electric skateboards periodically are more likely to utilize them often than weekend warriors or users who sometimes use their boards for popping into the neighborhood store. 
  • Naturally, sections of a board will wear down more quickly the more it is utilized.

The board’s manufacturing quality comes last. Unfortunately, purchasing affordable longboards usually comes with a price; their parts are much more likely to wear out sooner simply because they weren’t made from durable materials or the construction wasn’t as well thought out as it was with more costly electric skateboards.

Final judgment

Your electric longboard would last an impressively long time with routine maintenance and a little tender loving care. You should be good to go for a very long time as long as the quality of construction is still there and you don’t ride it over a bridge into the river. also, visit the Olympicfit

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