Huawei Banned 6 A good Fitness Tracker with a Reasonable Price and Review

Fitness trackers are one of the best alternatives to the smartwatch. You will have every necessary thing in it. The fitness tracker huawei band 6 is a good addition.t he Huawei introduced fitness trackers and dominated fitness tracking devices.

Huawei comes in this category and beats its rival competitors. The tracker has a reasonable price, but this device has too many features. Nevertheless, it has a solid display and remarkable quality.

Huawei introduces its different range and styles in its fitness tracker device. They teach and update their other series. Huawei banned 6 has a long-life battery. There are different workouts in it. It looks very nice.

Key Features of the Product

  • Brand: Huawei
  • Heart Rate: yes
  • Support notifications: yes
  • Color Screen: Yes 
  • Integration: Huawei Health
  • Battery Life: 2 weeks
  • Price:    R1699.00

Display And Design

Huawei banned 6 is a quality build product as we compare with its price it s good. The bottom of the device is matte finishing. The right size has a single button. It is a power button and also a back button.

The band is made of rubbers that fit on the wrist. The material is soft. You can quickly wear it for a long time. The problem is that it fixes with the tracker, and you can’t replace it.

The display is a 1.45-inch display with ALOMED. Its collection is Vibrant and Bright. Although the resolution is not remarkable, it is good. It is a relatively more minor display, but according to the fitness tracker, it is reasonable. In addition, it has a touch screen, which response is good.

Sofware and Performance

The software is quick. Their operating system has too many features. It has excellent and pretty light. You can navigate, and the settings are elementary. If you want to open the fitness, there is a button on the side.

The banned is supported on both Android and iOS. The Huawei fitness app work on both. You can also easily use this device as an android device. It will notify you about messages, calls, and missed calls. It also has features of music control.

The issue is that it becomes slow when pairing it with other devices. And it is a little complicated process.

Fitness and Workout Mode

It also has 96 workouts in this banned 6. There are also included 11 professional modes. The banned 6 is a good and quality design for a fitness tracker. All workout modes are available in one tap.


The Huawei battery lasts up to 14 days. But if you are on all the features, the battery drained in 9 days. The battery timing is remarkable and unique.

Final verdict

The fitness tracker is good. There are many features in it. Huawei introduced an excellent product at a meager price. The accuracy is also suitable for this device. The battery life is awe-inspiring.

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