Huawei Watch 3 Pro

Huawei Watch 3 Pro introduced the Harmony  OS. The Huawei watch enables you to install the apps on this watch. It is the first Huawei watch that has the features of a temperature sensor in it.

Huawei introduced Harmony OS 2.0 in their devices and products. with the help of this, you can install third-party apps on the device. In addition, the Huawei Watch 3 pro has a long-life battery of almost 21 days.

It has smooth animations and a clean interface overall. It introduced many new features to the device. A unique feature is eSIM. You can use it as a smartphone device.

Design and Display 

  • Screen: 1. 43 inch
  • Resolution: 466 466
  • weight: 69 G
  • Case: 48mm

Huawei introduced a big f, round face, and bold watch. Huawei makes perfect and reasonable wearables. The Huawei watch comes with leather strips. The strip also links with the metal.

It has an AMOLED Display with sharp colors. You can view it in the sunlight. It has features auto-brightness. With a 60 HZ screen, it is fantastic to scroll it, and the menu is quickly responsive.

A curved glass atop is handy for swiping over. Its body is made of titanium, which looks very eye-catching. It is durable in weather conditions and scratches-free. The Huawei watch 3Pro is also water-resistant.

With the leather strip, it looks classy. But it is not suitable for other activities like gym, running, etc. The crown rotates on the watch’s three pros. So you can scroll and navigate it very quickly.

Software of the Watch 3 Pro

  • Harmony OS 2. o
  • Notifications are not interactive
  • Controlling with the Huawei health app

If you want to use the Huawei watch with a non-Huawei phone, you need to install the Huawei Health App., for instance, when using android or iOS devices. It is also kept in mind that the Huawei app gallery downloads the Health App.

It is also an outstanding feature that the Hormone OS allows to download third-party apps. You can almost see the 1000 watch faces on it. You can also create your watch faces.

According to the fitness tracker watch, three pros can help to check all your fitness like a heartbeat, etc. you can also download the different apps from the Huawei App gallery. But unfortunately, there is a lack of notification as it is busy displaying the information.


  • 100 workout moods
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Fall detection in SoS calling

This is the first Smartwatch that is overloaded with a temperature sensor. It is fine on this platform if you see the fitness point of view. There are 100 workouts available on Watch 3 Pro. It also includes fall detection. It works in emergency services.


  • Smart and battery-saving features
  • Wireless charging
  • In intelligent mode battery lasts up to 5 days

Final Remarks

Overall this watch is good. It has different intelligent features, and a new feature introduced by Huawei is temperature season. Huawei Watch 3 Pro is a beautiful edition of the Huawei smartwatch.

Overall the Watch 3 pro is premium features. But there is a limited app available. And it also has limited iOS functions. But there are many other features like 100 workouts etc., that you can buy with this Smartwatch. The Smartwatch is available at AED 1999.0 price.

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