If you’re looking for a way to boost your Instagram following, IgTools.net is the perfect platform. IgTools is a website that allows users to gain followers, likes, and views for free.

You have to sign up for an account, enter your username, and select the type of followers you would like to gain.

You can also use IgTools.net to gain likes and views on your Instagram posts. Enter the URL of the position you want to boost, and IgTools.net will take care of the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and see the results for yourself!

What is IgTools.net?

IgTools.net is a website that provides free tools to help Instagram users grow their following. But you should remember that as you have free followers in a few seconds. Think about yourself, “Is it possible?” Definitely, impossible.


Sadly, It’s not safe to use, it offers the users fake likes, followers, and views. The only fascinating matter about IGtools allows users to use it for free.

Various tools are available on the website, including a followers tracker, a likers tracker, and a views tracker. The followers’ tracker allows you to see who is following you, and the likers and views trackers will enable you to see who has liked or viewed your posts.

But on the platform, all of the features are unavailable for you. Because it does not provide real followers to follow your account.

IgTools.net is free to use and easy to navigate.

How to use IgTools.net

To use IgTools.net, enter the username of the IG account you want to increase the following for, and select the number of followers, likes, or views you would like to add.

Once you have selected your desired number of followers, likes, or views, click on the green “Add” button to start the process. Please note that this process can take some time, and your account will be temporarily suspended while the operation is in progress.

In doing this, you have to first place your IG URL to have your account on the platform. After that, you are able to select the desired item to increase. For that, you only need a click.

Once the process is complete, your account will be automatically un-suspended, and you will have the desired number of followers, likes, or views.

What are the benefits of using IgTools.net?

IgTools.net offers several benefits for Instagram users who desire to increase their following and likes.

The site is free to use, and it is straightforward to navigate. You can’t select the country you would like to target and then don’t choose the type of followers you would like to receive. You can also choose to increase the number of your targeted items. With the tools increased all of the followers and likes are fack.

Because using the tools, you do not reach the real audience. Here you can increase a fack number of the list.

Then, what is the benefit? The benefit is you can show your account to an audience as a branded audience. Otherwise, you can’t have any kind of benefit from the tool. That is why I always recommend being honest online. By using such type trick, you can lose your IG account.

If you use paid platform for increasing your real audience, once you have made your selections, the platform will provide you with a list of real, active users who match your criteria. You can then follow these users and like their posts to increase your following and likes.

IgTools.net isn’t the perfect tool for anyone who wants to increase their following and likes on Instagram quickly and easily.

How does IgTools.net work?

IgTools.net is a website that allows users to add followers, likes, and views to their Instagram account for free.

To use IgTools.net, you need to create an account and enter your Instagram username and password. IgTools.net will then allow you to add followers, likes, or views.

Adding followers is the simplest way to use IgTools.net. For every 20 followers you add, you will also get one free follower. You can add anywhere from 1 to 1000 followers at a time.

Liking posts is a great way to increase your visibility on Instagram and get more followers. For every 100 likes you add, you will get ten free likes. So you can add up to 1000 likes at a time.

Views are a great way to increase the reach of your posts and attract new followers. For every 100 views, you add, you will get ten free views. So you can add up to 1000 views at a time.

Is IgTools.net safe to use?

IgTools.net is a safe and secure platform to increase your followers, likes, and views on Instagram. They do not store or sell any of your personal information, and they only require that you input your Instagram username and password. They also have a strict policy against spamming or using bots, so you can be assured that your account will be safe and secure when using IgTools.net.

Which plan should I choose on IgTools.net?

IgTools.net offers various plans to choose from to increase your Instagram following. The Free Plan is great for those just starting and who want to test the waters before committing to a paid plan. The Starter Plan is perfect for those who want to see significant results and are willing to invest a little more into their Instagram following. Finally, the Business Plan is designed for those looking to take their Instagram account to the next level and who want the most comprehensive and practical tools available on IgTools.net.


IgTools.net is a free, easy-to-use platform that allows Instagram users to increase their followers, likes, and views. By following a few simple steps, you can improve your visibility and reach on Instagram. Thanks for using IgTools.net!

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