New Monsters Inc and Lion Guard coloring pages for kids

We’ve gone through a lot together in our journey of different coloring themes. Does your child find interesting and exciting topics interesting? Princess, prince, nature, etc., are always attractive coloring pictures for children.

The cartoon characters that are both new and strange will make children more curious. Let’s create monsters and lords of the jungle through Monsters Inc and Lion Guard coloring pages! Unexpected things are waiting for the kids to discover!

Monsters Inc coloring pages: adorable monsters that will win the hearts of children

Monsters Inc coloring pages

Printable Monsters Inc coloring sheets

Monsters Inc is not as scary as the movie’s name, but on the contrary, it is hilarious

Monsters, Inc is one of many “ageless” productions that both adults and children can enjoy watching. This movie hides behind great footage and profound lessons.

Most children once feared monsters lurking in the dark every night. Director Pete Docter is no exception. Based on childhood memories, the movie Monstersm Inc was born.

The movie is set in the monster world of Monstropolis, where the living energy comes from the terrified screams of children. Therefore, a company called Monsters Inc specializes in sending monster employees of all shapes to children’s bedrooms through magical doors to scare them. At that unique corporation, the hairy Sulley is the most helpful monster when he is the employee who threatens the children the most.

With the practical help of his one-eyed friend Mike, everything would be fine if one day Sulley didn’t accidentally lead a little girl to the monster world. According to the rumors about the monsters, children are poisonous things capable of threatening them. Therefore, Sulley and Mike had to endure many difficulties to hide and bring Boo back to the human world.

Monster Inc also offers profound lessons

Although the main characters are monsters, because it is a cartoon, Monsters, Inc. does not have horror images. On the contrary, the shape of the characters in the movie is full of fun and friendly. The colorful world and fun things in Monstropolis become even more attractive.

Interestingly, “Monsters University” is not just for kids. Through the lens of children, the film deals with many issues of the adult world, such as the story that the road to success does not have to go through the university gate. Or the level that, to be successful, one must overcome the fear of oneself.

When inserted into the children’s stories humorously and purely, those messages became so relatable, entering people’s hearts naturally after experiencing many unexpected details.

Experiencing Monsters Inc coloring pages to create lovely characters!

This movie has been out for quite a while, but children still remember and love the characters in this movie. The movie has won many awards and is loved by the audience. Inspired by the characters in the movie, images of cute and funny monsters are made into toys for children. There was a time when the teddy bears and the toys with the characters in monsters Inc became famous and sought after by children.

Now we bring children Monsters Inc coloring pages with the hope that children will satisfy their passion for coloring and have fun with their favorite characters. Printable Monsters Inc coloring pages are black and white pictures, redrawing cartoon images of movie characters such as Mike, Sulley, Boo, etc. The child’s task is to choose colors to color the characters to create complete pictures.

There must be many children who have seen this cartoon already; a few will not have the opportunity to see it. Parents can create conditions for children to watch movies while coloring those funny pictures. Children can choose the color they want through the Monsters Inc color page.

Children can color the characters like in the movie: Mike with green, Boo with a pink dress, or Sullivan with blue fur. If children do not love the colors they want to create new colors for the characters, then we always encourage their creativity. Children can thoroughly choose other colors such as yellow, red, black, or orange to color the characters.

Printable Monster Inc coloring pages allow children to express their creativity and develop creative thinking. Coloring also helps children to be more focused and patient. That is an activity considered necessary for children’s development, especially during the first years of life.

We hope parents will understand the benefits of coloring and create more conditions for children to color. Monster Inc coloring pages are quality, cute, free coloring pages that parents can give their children.

Lion Guard coloring pages: the green forest is depicted in fun coloring pages

Lion Guard coloring pages

Printable Lion Guard coloring sheets

Lion Guard is the sequel to Lion King that everyone has been waiting for!

Fans of the classic animated film The Lion King are like The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. The film is set in the African Savanna. The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar revolves around Kion – the second lion cub born to Simba and Nala. He assumes the role of leader of the Lion Guard.

According to tradition, the Lion Guard must consist of the fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and most eye-catching lions in the land of Pride. However, Kion goes against tradition by calling his most trusted friends into the group, whom he believes represent the most heroic qualities.

They include Bunga – a honey-loving bear; Fuli – a confident leopard; Beshte – a friendly and funny hippo; and Ono – a wise stork. Throughout the movie, this group of young animals must learn how to use each of their unique abilities to solve problems and complete quests, maintaining balance in the land of Pride. The movie also introduces young audiences to Africa’s large animal populations and beautiful landscapes.

Lion Guard Coloring Pages will help children learn about many animals

The beautiful forest world has a lot of animals for us to learn about and explore. Let’s try to be creative with Lion Guard Coloring Pages through the above cartoon to see if anything is interesting?

Lion Guard Coloring Pages are coloring pictures of characters from the movie, including many different animals. We can discover deer, lions, hippos, etc., which is very interesting. Lion Guard Coloring Pages is waiting for kids to join us in coloring!

Through Kiara Lion Guard Coloring Pages, children not only learn about the images of animals in the green forest, their characteristics, and activities but also explore the majestic and vast green forest world. We seem to be lost in the vast green forest world. Let’s go through the forest and discover beautiful things. odreviews

Lion Guard Printable Coloring Pages will help children master the use of colors; children will know how to distinguish and choose the right colors for the characters in the picture. That is an essential skill in coloring and aesthetic perception, so from a young age, if children are skillfully trained, they will be better able to perceive beauty when they grow up.

Lion Guard Coloring Pages helps children be creative and develop their painting skills. Parents will know the child’s talent for painting from a young age if parents let children participate in coloring early. After that, they will understand children and have orientations for children to develop in each stage.

When parents observe children coloring and choosing colors for the Lion Guard Coloring Page, parents can learn more about the child’s personality and interests. Children’s movements and actions will subtly show their personality. Parents should have time to participate in coloring with their children to feel the activity’s joy.


Coloring is one of the activities that children love the most. Children will be even more excited when the coloring theme is famous cartoon characters such as Monsters Inc and Lion Guard coloring pages.

Those are cute and funny monsters, big animals of the green forest. Surely, children cannot resist the attraction of these special characters. Parents can find more exciting coloring pages for children to explore at We constantly update the latest pictures for you!

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