Picuki: What is Picuki and How to Use it?

Picuki is an online tool to edit Instagram posts and view others’ Instagram profiles. It especially plays a role for Instagram users. 

Picuki.com is used for downloading Instagram videos and editing posts on Instagram accounts. Now Instagram is a name of trend online that is growing up to the sky of the social media platforms. 

Most online business owners are diving into the platform with their business using the opportunity. That is why the importance of online tools is increasing day by day. 

If you are an Instagram user, the post is for you. However, to be a professional Instagram user, you should dive into the article step by step to avoid missing a point of the article. 

What is Picuki or Picuki.com? 

Picuki and Picuki.com are both one. That means Picuki is the name of a tool that allows you to edit Instagram posts and download videos. And Picuki.com is the address of the tool. You can also view others’ profiles one by one using the tool. 

Picuki is the name of an opportunity for Instagram users. Because it helps you download the images of Instagram that you can use for your personal purpose. 

The other most vital opportunity is to view the targeted users’ profiles. 

You need not create an IG account on Instagram for doing all the tasks. You only need to download an Image with an ID from Instagram. After that, you need to enter the image ID; then, you will see all of the uploaded images of the account to download. 

Thus you can download your Image from Instagram based on your necessity.  

How to use Picuki?

Picuki is one of the flexible and handy tools online. If you use it, you can share professional and attractive posts based on your desire. And if you can do this, you can reach the targeted audience easily.  

For that, you have to know, How to use the Instagram tool Pickuki?  

As Picuki is a website, for entering the website, you need to type on any search engine’s search bar Picuki.com. After doing this, the search engine will show you the website’s home page.

It looks like- 


On the home page, you will have a search bar to search for the account or profile you desire to view. First, for having the account, you need to place the user name in the search bar; then, you have to click on the recommended search button. After doing this, you will have the account you want to see.  

Instagram profile on Picuki
Instagram profile on Picuki

If you desire to enter into the account, click on the account. Then, by clicking on the profile, you can easily enter into the profile. 

Instagram profile on Picuki
Instagram profile on Picuki

Entering the IG, you can easily download Instagram Images and videos. You need to select the image and then click on the image for that image you desire to download. After clicking, you will have the option to download. 

Download Instagram images using Picuki
Download Instagram images using Picuki

Thus, you can download your desired image from Instagram. You can apply the same way to download a video from Instagram.   

The alternative tools to Picuki Instagram?

All online social media users need some free online tools. For example, Picuki is a free tool for Instagram users. 

Social media is a platform to share the emotions of online living beings. That means on the platform, and you have all classes and ages where all are not the same interested people. 

Based on interest, they are different. To separate them, you have a lot of tools online. Most of them are created for business. 

That means you desire to run a business online using social media, and you must be an online social media post manager.  

In the post, I have listed some alternative tools to Picuki. 

  • Ymate
  • Y2mate 
  • In fact
  • SmiHub
  • StoriesDown
  • Gramhir
  • Instaxyz 
  • Fullinsta
  • IGLookup
  • Watchinsta
  • InstaDP

You may select one from the list based on your interest. But, for that, you have to know about their use.  

Final Words

Thank you for walking through the article. By diving into the article, I hope you are clear about the tool Picuki.com. If you desire to have such information, you should connect to the blog. 

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