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ShackledCraft forums are where players can post any questions or concerns about the game and the server itself and share their thoughts on different topics.ShackledCraft is a server where players can go to enjoy a friendly game of Minecraft. The main goal of posting on this website is to help improve the gaming experience for everyone who has played one of these games. 

The forum administrators and other players of the ShackledCraft world (online server) will either help you with a reply or join in on the topic of conversation. You can also find many tips and guides around the site and information on how to play games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Runescape, and more.

What Are Shackledcraft Forums?

Shackledcraft Forums is a Minecraft server that allows players to shackle themselves together in creative mode. The Shackledcraft team runs the server. The team of Shackledcraft has dedicated players to make the server viable for its competitors. As a result, it has grown tremendously, with thousands of players visiting daily. is currently ranked #3 on our Top 10 Most Popular Minecraft Servers Worldwide list. The main goal of this server is to bring joy and entertainment to its players through creative gameplay and events happening throughout the day. 

One such event is the “Slaver’s Market,” where players gather around a central area to trade. Players can also participate in community-related activities like quests or building contests, which are held regularly throughout the week.

History Of Shackledcraft

ShackledCraft was founded by a group of friends united by their passion for video games. This passion led them to build the first ShackledCraft website, which was started on October 21th, 2020. 

The first website featured several games available for free download and an open forum where players could discuss their experiences with each other and with games hosted on their site.  The site increased, attracting thousands of visitors each week interested in playing new games or discovering new ones you hadn’t heard about before You added them to the site.

In less than a year after its inception, had developed into one of the most popular gaming sites on the internet.

ShackledCraft Forums, How does it work?

ShackledCraft Forums is a forum where you can create topics, reply to them and use signatures. You can also use polls in the ShackledCraft media, which will help us track how many people are using the site.

The website uses a MySQL database for storing all of its information. You can access this database by clicking on “MySQL” in the top navigation bar. If it doesn’t appear, try clicking on “Database” instead.

If you have any problems with this, please contact us via our support page:

ShackledCraft Forums Update!

The ShackledCraft Forums have been updated, and you can find all the new features below.

The Forums have been updated with a new look, and it’s now easier than ever to get help from other players! You can also find new categories with help on how to play and a unique forum dedicated to modding. In addition, the new platform will be used for future updates and bug fixes.

Updated to v2.3.0

– Updated for ShackledCraft 2.3.0

– New Posting Form

– Improved Admin Tools

– Fixed the “You are not allowed to post” error

– New Features:

  • New forum layout!
  • Furthermore, New forum rules!
  • New forum sections!

Improved Search:

A new ‘Search Forums’ button has been added to all forums with an active search function. This allows you to search for keywords within a forum without entering them into the search box directly.

Notification System: 

You’ll get notifications when someone replies to a threat and posts another threat to you (and what other users have said about them).

A Customizable Theme Option:

You can choose between a few different colors for how things look on the front page and choose which themes are featured there by default.

How To Get Started With Shackledcraft?

Shackledcraft is a game that has been around for years but is still one of the most popular online games. If you’re new to the game, download the demo first to try it out before buying. It’s free; you must register an account with your email address and password. The game takes place in a fantasy world where players can create their characters and go on quests with them.

If you are new to the game or just want to start from the beginning, our guide is for you! This post will provide you with all the essential information to get created and some helpful tips and advice.

Online Features Of The Game

Shackledcraft Forums is a Minecraft mod that adds a new dimension to the game, called the Shackles dimension. This is where you will find all your shackled creations, and it’s also where you can go to talk to other players about this mod, along with other community-based topics.

The Shackles dimension is a new dimension in Minecraft. It is a dimension created by the game developers and used as an extra dimension where players can play. The game will have a lot of fun and excitement for players who want to play it with their friends or family.

The shackles dimension is one of the most popular dimensions in Minecraft. This is because it has many features that make it unique from other sizes in the game, such as:

You can create your own shackles dimension and set up your own rules for how things will be done there. You can also choose what type of environment you want to create so that you feel like real people are around you rather than just pixels on a screen when you play. To buy and know about sporting goods stores, I will recommend you. To get sporting goods, you can go to a store, where you will find gaming goods. For that, I’ll recommend you Rogers Sporting Goods.

How can you connect to the ShackledCraft Minecraft server and start playing the game?

  • After you click on the “Play” button, find “Multiplayer” from the main menu of Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click “Next,” then click “Yes” to confirm that you want to share your world with other players.
  • Click “Next” again, then click “Start Downloading.”
  • Once the download is complete, click “Play!” and start playing!

What different kinds of gameplay does it offer?

There are other server types and departments available in Minecraft Server. ShackledCraft supports the following game modes: Prison, Economy, MCMMO, PvP, Squid Game, SMP, and Cracked.

  • Prison – Players are placed inside the jail in this mode and must complete various tasks to get out.
  • Economy – Players can earn money by selling items on the market or finding them worldwide. They can also use their money to buy other players’ things.
  • MCMMO – In this mode, players can create custom maps that they can share with other players via the server’s map rotation system. They also have access to more advanced map editing tools than in different game modes such as Prison and Economy.
  • PvP – This is a deathmatch mode where players battle against each other until only one player remains alive. It is similar to Survival Mode, but players have access to weapons and armor throughout the match, unlike Survival Mode, where they must collect them before starting each game. Also, there are no friendly fire rules here, so there is no need for caution when playing in this mode! 
  • Squid Game – Squid Game is a variation of Custom Games that allows players to create their maps for others to play around in. It’s designed to be.
  • SMP – Is a server type where there is only one world, and you have to survive in it until everyone else dies or until the game is over.
  • Cracked – This is an unfinished version of the game, but it’s still playable because of its great graphics and sound effects.

What is the ShackledCraft server location on Discord?

ShackledCraft is a server that has been around for more than five years. The owner of this server is a charming person who has made the game more enjoyable for millions of players.

You will then be taken to a page to choose which language you want to use. English is the default option, but if you want another language like German or French, please select it from the dropdown menu.

Shackledcraft Registrar Info

Referral URL

Important Dates Of Shackledcraft

Expires On2022-10-21
Registered On2020-10-21
Updated On                            2021-09-21

Shackledcraft Registrant Contact Information

NameRedacted for Privacy
OrganizationPrivacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf
AddressKalkofnsvegur 2
State / ProvinceCapital Region
Postal Code101


As a player in the Shackledcraft forums community. You’ll be glad to know the help you need is just an email away. The Shackledcraft Forums are essential for all your in-game questions and concerns. Whether you’re a new player or just want to make new friends, you can always find the answer you’re looking for on this site.

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