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Shoe Carnival Inc is an American family footwear retailer. It offers shopping online in more than 382 stores in 32 states and Puerto Rico. They provide customers with a unique and fun shopping experience. Shoe Carnival Inc is an American family footwear retailer. It offers shopping online in more than 382 stores in 32 states and Puerto Rico. They provide customers with a unique and fun shopping experience. A wide variety of simple and athletic shoes emphasize national and regional name brands for the whole family. It is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. The company sells women’s, men’s, children’s, and athletic footwear through its retail outlets. In addition, its stores offer purses, wallets, shoe care items, and socks—the central concept of shoe carnival stores. The shoe carnival concept urgently needs limited-time promotion and shopping through microphones. Mike at the microphone declares the person “special.” These specialties include discounts. Product information and fun specials that encourage customers to purchase.


David Russell is the founder of the Carnival store known as Shoe Biz. The store was successful in its local market. The shoe biz chain attracted a trio of shoe executives, Jerome “Jack Fisher” Fisher, Vince Camuto, and Wayne Weber of Fisher-Camuto, pioneers of the Nine West brand. A sale was made to Fisher-Camuto executives, with Russell remaining with his former company as an employee.

The following year, Fisher, Camuto, and Weaver unveiled a new retail concept for the chain, rebranded as The Carnival. By the end of 1987, the company had expanded to seven stores.

Wayne Weaver solely owned the company in 1988, a former executive in the Ohl division of the St. Louis-based Brown Group, who bought his associates Fisher and Camuto for just under 20 million. Together with co-founder David Russell, Weaver embarked on an aggressive expansion, with the chain expanding to 39 stores by 1993. Then an IPO was tendere. After that, the company is public on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Carnival emphasizes ideas and merchandise.

The shoe carnival takes on a carnival concept—attempts to entertain and inspire shoppers through loud up-tempo music. Microphone operators announce time-limited promotional offers. Carnival creates festive games like Spin-End-Win Wheel. A big opening ceremony featuring celebrities and star athletes has helped boost buyers’ enthusiasm for the chain. In addition, a neon-head decor store emphasizes the confetti and shopping festive atmosphere.

The company placed significant emphasis on private-label brands in the 1990s. Competing with national chains such as unpaid shoe sources hits low price points. It began to change in 1997. When Cliff Seaford, a department store veteran, joined as general merchandise manager. Then the company consciously tried to be more “upmarket” with a new emphasis on branded footwear. The company opened its 92nd store in late 1997.

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Shoes are a new way of Carnival.

The shoe carnival in 2002 unveiled a new, more humble logo. Tone the circus-inspired look of its store.

In 2006, the company began constructing a $ 40 million corporate headquarters and distribution center. The Shoe Carnival is now headquartered in a new 60,000-square-foot (5,600 m2) building in the Commerce Center at Cross Point, east of Evansville. In addition, Shoe Carnival built the company’s 410,000-square-foot (38,000 m2) distribution center just north of Indiana 57 City.

The company started selling online in 2012. By then, 352 stores were operating mainly in the Midwest. In October of 2009, General Merchandise Manager Seaford was promoted to CEO. Mark Lemond, who has been with the company since 1987, has resigned over health reasons. Mark J Warden took over as CEO in September 2021.

Shoe Carnival 2015 has launched a program called Shoe Carnival. Shoppers can get shoes of style and size from other stores in the shoe carnival chain through home delivery. The company’s e-commerce venture reached $ 1 billion in 2016.

The company sold $ 525.8 million in the first half of fiscal 2018, a profit of 37.4 million over the previous year. Sales from comparable stores grew nearly 4 percent in those six months, excluding Internet sales and sales through new stores. Most of the company owners are former Jacksonville Jaguar owner J. Wayne Weaver.

Shoe station acquisition

Shoe Carnival announcement in December 2021 as a privately held family-owned shoe station. Inc. All of the store operator’s assets in five southern states had acquired $ 67 million in cash. Shoe Carnival creates a new brand in the portfolio. The addition of recent retail locations is urban. The shoe station creates a retail platform to serve a broad customer base with shoppers from both suburban populations.

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