Smihub a Free Instagram analyzer

Smihub is a private Instagram story viewer that allows you to read stories others. It is a great way to get feedback from your followers and get new ideas for your posts. The mixer is a web-based media platform that allows you to follow other users, share content with them, and get their attention. It also helps you to download Instagram Videos and Images.

In the article, you can learn about Smihub. To know the details step by step, go through the whole script and don’t miss any point.

Let’s start the journey-

What is Smihub?

Smihub is a social media manager for digital marketers. Using the tool, the digital marketers analyze the targeted audience’s profile and posts. They also view their stories to make a successful marketing idea.

Otherwise, the tool provides an opportunity to download social media videos. That means you can download videos from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. So you can call it a video downloader.

Like you use Ymate to download YouTube videos or convert the video to MP3. Thus, you can use it for downloading videos from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The recommended Features of Smihub

Smihub is an excellent tool with fascinating features for social media marketers and social media users.

  • Using it, you can view others’ IG stories anonymously.
  • It also provides an opportunity to download videos, stories, and photos from social media platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • You can create a market plan online by making a careful critique of followers, comments, and likes.
  • The fascinating fact is that It allows users to browse Instagram accounts anonymously.
  • Then it is an entirely free and open-source outlet.
  • After all, it is convenient to use.

How to Download Videos using Smihub?

Using Smihub, you can download videos easily. For that, you need the video URL from that platform like YouTube or Instagram. To download videos, you have to visit the official website, which is now named Dumpor.

After that, place the URL in the recommended area. Then click on the button to download. Completing the process will be downloaded on your recommended device.

The relation between Smihub and Dumpor

Smihub and Dumpor are two names of the same website. That means the previous name of the site was Simhu and the present name is Dumpor. So if you browse typing Smihub, it will redirect to Dumpor. That is why you should not worry.

Is Smihub safe?

Yes, it is safe for you. To be safe, the main reason is it does not track your IP address, location, and your activities online. The second reason is that it does not ask you to provide any document, and it is entirely free to use. That is why you can use it without fear.

Final thought

As you explore a tool to analyze your social media followers, download videos, or convert YouTube to mp3, you can use Dumpor. It is easy to use and well optimized for the users. You can also investigate the Picuki tool that I recommend using as an alternative to Smihub. It is also free to use.

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