TabSite is an app that lets you create and manage your custom tabs on Facebook. You can use these tabs to promote your business, products, or services or keep your fans updated with your latest news and events. TabSite is easy to use, and it’s free, so there’s no reason not to start using it today!

Online marketers can lead their businesses to generate increased benefits using the platform because such online tools make the task more accessible and comfortable to boost online ideas. Such as social media is a large platform to lead an online business; it becomes more accessible by using social media management tools. The online marketer can conduct their business to the next level online by using the tools. Like- you have online the Ymate, Y2mate, Picuki, StoriesDownSmihubTubidyGramhoYtmp3, and more. Some are video downloaders, and some are social media post managers. For example, Picuki is an Instagram post editor and video downloader. Thus, all tools are different based on their functionality but work for social media. 

If you are one to manage an online business, it is for you. I hope that you can go to the next level online on the Facebook platform by using the app. To know about tools, you should dive into the article step by step.

What is TabSite?

TabSite is a social media engagement platform where businesses can create custom tabs on their Facebook pages. Charges can include anything from videos and images to surveys and sweepstakes. It makes it easy for companies to engage with their fans and collect data about their customers.

TabSite also offers a variety of integrations, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Hootsuite. It makes it easy for businesses to track the performance of their tabs and see how they are impacting their social media campaigns.

How Does TabSite Work?

It is an online platform that helps businesses create and manage their social media campaigns. For example, TabSite makes it easy for companies to create tabs for their Facebook page and contests and promotions.

Creating a tab on Facebook with Tab Site is simple. You can either use one of the many templates that it provides or create your custom tab. TabSite also makes it easy to create contests and promotions. You can choose to run a contest or promotion on your Facebook page or embed it on your website.

There are three ways to create tabs with it:

1. Import your existing website content into a tab.

2. Create a tab from scratch.

3. Use one of our professionally designed templates.

TabSite also makes it easy to track your social media campaigns.

TabSite is a platform that you can use to promote your website content and social media content to the targeted audience.

Creating a TabSite

It is a social media platform that allows users to create pages for their business, brand, or organization. TabSite pages can include photos, videos, and text. They can also have buttons that allow users to join a mailing list, visit a website, or download a file.

TabSite pages are easy to create and can be customized to match the user’s branding. They are a great way to share information about a business or organization and can be used to collect leads or promote products and services.

How to create a tab on TabSite?

To create a tab on the platform, you must sign up. For that, you need Gmail or Facebook account to log in.

After creating an account, you are asked to upgrade your account. That means the platform is paid to use. But, you can create a table or app on the forum without any cost. You need to upgrade the plan to run the tab on the selected platform.

tabsite sign up
Tabsite Sign Up

Once you have completed your free sign-up, you are taken to your dashboard. On the page, you have two options.

Tabsite Dashboard
Tabsite Dashboard
  • Add app
  • And My app

Add app means you are asked to add or create an app to run using the platform. And my app refers to adding or creating an app that you have made and added to run.

On the add app section, you have all of the app lists that you can choose to create for adding to run.

The list-

  • Contest Apps
  • Coupon & Lead Capture Apps
  • Photo & Video Apps
  • Social Apps

Based on your desire or want, you can select one to create. Then you need to add the app to the platform.

Clicking on the selected app, you must open it to do it. It looks like-

Tabsite App
Tabsite App

After that, you can create the app by filling it up with the recommended information based on your ideas. Finally, you must save it on the platform after completing the app.

Final thought

Thank you for diving into the whole article step by step. I hope you have completed the article and are clear about TabSite for online marketing.

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