8 Benefits every Veteran Must Be Aware Of

Veterans get more than just primary healthcare and education benefits they are usually entitled to by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The heroes of America have several other programs available to themselves and their families. The government, as well as private companies, are doing their best to enhance their well-being. If you are a veteran, you might find discounts on Cox cable deals such as Cox Essential package based on veteran discount criteria. 

To enjoy a quality life, these are some benefits available to you:

1: Caregiver Support

Do you have a caregiver at home who needs support? If yes, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a caregiver support program for veterans like you. Unfortunately, caregivers have no monetary support, but you are provided with a free support line and a support coordinator who helps you navigate the military benefits.

2: Free Tax Prep

Filling your tax is a hassle. But don’t worry, being a veteran, you are at the advantage of accessing free tax prep services. It’s not you who are entitled to this benefit, but your family. The volunteer Income Tax Assistance Office on a military base will assist you.

The individuals working in these offices are experienced in handling the complicated nature of military-related tax issues.

3: Mortgage Assistance 

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payment, being a veteran, you are eligible for recovering repayment assistance by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Help is also available to those who are homeless. 

4: Financial Assistance 

Financial assistance benefits available for vets include the following:

  • Veteran’s Pensions

A monthly cash benefit is provided to 65 years and older individuals or those disabled (regardless of age). The amount received depends on the income, pension rate of the year you applied, and the number of dependents. 

  • Death Pension

This is another cash benefit awarded to the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran, provided they are not remarried.

  • Disability Payments

These payments are available to vets who suffered from disease or injury while on duty. In addition, extra compensation is available to those with severe disability, limb loss, or those who become dependent. 

  • Education Aid

Financial aid is available to those who want to continue their education. Tuition fees, books, exams, and housing expenses for grads, undergraduate degrees, and vocational and technical training are covered.

5: Health Care

Apart from caregiver support, other medical care available to vets includes:

  • Choice Program

With this program, you can find healthcare services in your local community and even bypass waiting for appointments with the Veteran Administration or travel long-distance to get to the facility for a checkup.

  • Blind Rehabilitation Services 

These services are for vets who are blind or have low vision. Care can be provided in the patient’s home and an inpatient or outpatient facility. 

  • State Veteran’s Homes

These facilities provide residential care, rehab, nursing, hospice, dementia care, and other long-term care services.

  • Telehealth

This is for routine healthcare. Using technology at your home, services are provided by connecting you with a doctor.

  • Hospice Care

These services are for those who have reached the advanced stage of a terminal illness and need comfort and support. Note: Hospice care is provided to those with 3 to 6 months to live.

6: Life Insurance 

Often, veterans have to go through the trouble of obtaining traditional life insurance, especially if they have sustained an injury on duty. To make things easier for these valued members of the community, the Group Life Insurance Program for Veterans and Service Members have entitled veterans to receive up to $400k in life insurance. The premium rate for such programs is competitive. 

7: Discount on Products and Services

Some companies offer discounts and, in some cases, free products and services for veterans. In addition, you will likely receive special deals on expeditions, museums, retreats, campgrounds, and other activities involving adventure. 

The disabled veterans can immerse themselves in nature by taking advantage of a free lifetime pass to national park services. Then, some restaurants provide unique veteran discounts. Page

8: Career Counseling and Job Support

Each veteran has a unique skill set. Fortunately, the government understands this, and it’s committed to providing support to you in the form of appropriate training based on your interests or experience. Transitioning to a civilian career is one of the most challenging things for a vet. Help is available if you would like to make a career move.

Many opportunities exist for vets in industries like energy, IT, marketing, agriculture, transportation, homeland security, and more. You can also find help in starting your business instead of searching for a job. For that, you can also find assistance in choosing a loan, renting space, deciding the Internet speed for business, and picking the right Internet plan.


Keep in mind that veteran and military benefits continue to change. Therefore, stay updated with the Veteran Administration to ensure you don’t miss out on them.

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