Gramho is an Instagram editor and viewer. By using it, you can edit Instagram posts, check the view count, and have many other options.

Instagram is a name of a trendy social media platform. If you are an Instagram user, then the article is for you. In the article, I have explained, which is called Gramho. It is an App for Instagram users. Instagram users can manage their IG accounts and target the audience based on their business using the app.

For diving into the website, you need to type on the search bar Going on the website, you can apply your ideas to the tool. To use the ideas, you have to know all of the pictures. If you desire to have the ideas, walk through the article step by step.

The benefit of using Gramho

The Gramho website is a great place to discover new and exciting people who share your interests. The site includes profiles of people who post on Instagram, and you can search for profiles by name or by specific hashtags. For example, if you are interested in finding people who post about food, you could search for the hashtag.”

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos. The photos can lead your business to the next level. But the images must to sharable and impressive to look at.

And for creating impressive and targeting your audience, plays a significant role.

For that, you need to know “How to use it and how can you take benefit from the tool?”

How to use Gramho?

To use Gramho, go to the main page and select the “Instagram” tab.

Enter your Instagram username in the search bar and click on the Username button. It will load a list of all the photos associated with your Instagram account.

Select the photos you want to download from your Instagram account.

Click on the “Download Selected Images” button to download them as a zip file.

What can you do with Gramhir?

Gramho is the most advanced Instagram web viewer on the Internet, allowing you to easily view a user’s profile, stats, and media. In addition, you can search for users, hashtags, and locations on Gramho to get started.

Search by user

Search for your favorite artist or influencer, or tap “Discover” at the bottom of the app and view trending users. Once you’re on their profile page, you can see all their latest posts and additional information such as follower count and bio.

View profiles of private accounts

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like on a private account’s profile before sending a follow request, Gramho has you covered. Search for any personal account to view their profile preview and posts without having an account yourself. Once you’ve seen what they’re all about, follow them on Instagram directly from Gramho!

View profile statistics

On any public user’s profile, click “View Stats” underneath one of their posts to see deeper analytics about their activity over time. For example, you can see likes per post average, comments per post average, and post count overtime for any user who has publicly shared at least 20 posts.

How does view count work?

View count describes the number of times your photos have been viewed. Your image will be counted as viewed when someone clicks on your photo and views it on its page. While a view is not counted if a picture is directly linked to (or opened by clicking on the link), if a photo is embedded into another site, it will be counted as viewed as long as it’s a legitimate site visit.

Can someone else see my Instagram post without logging in to my account?

There are two ways someone can see an Instagram post without logging in to your account. The first is if the post is public, anyone can view it. The second is if the post has been shared outside the platform, for example, on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a private profile and want only selected people to be able to see your posts, you’ll need to permit them by approving their requests to follow you.

Who can see the posts I like on Gramho?

If you like a post on Gramhir, the post author and other people who can see that post can see your username next to the heart icon. For example, if you like a post on a hashtag page or someone else’s profile, everyone on that hashtag page or profile will be able to see that you liked it. On the other hand, if you want a photo in a Direct message, only the sender will see your username next to the heart icon.

Gramhir is a great Instagram editor and viewer with many options, but please read the terms and conditions before using it.

Alternatives to Gramho

If you think you need its alternative, choose one from the following list. In the list, I have listed only four online tools. They all are for you; you are an Instagram user.

  • Picuki
  • is an Instagram viewer. You can view private Instagram photos and videos like in the official app, but you don’t have to follow them!


Picuki is also an Instagram viewer and editor. The website lets you see all the Instagram photos of a particular hashtag, even if you don’t have an Instagram account. It creates a gallery of the most recent images tagged with a specific hashtag, which you can scroll through and click on to see the photo and its caption. The site also shows how many images are tagged with that hashtag and how many likes each has (so you can judge which ones are the best). Picuki gives you access to this information without signing up for an Instagram account. Using picuki, you can also download Instagram videos and posts.

See it all. is an Instagram viewer that lets you see everything in one place, including:

-Your photos

-Your friends’ photos

-The popular page

-All the hashtags

And more! See it all at once, and all for free! is an Instagram viewer. With this tool, you can easily download any picture or video from Instagram by clicking the button in the right corner of the photograph or video. You can also download all images and videos from any Instagram user; click on the button at the bottom of his profile page.

In addition to downloading Instagram photos and videos, allows you to copy tags from Instagram pictures, copy biography from Instagram profiles, search for specific posts using hashtags and view other people’s Stories anonymously without having an account on social network.

Final Words

Gramho is a neat and straightforward tool to edit Instagram posts online or offline. Gramho supports a massive number of image and photo formats, it auto-uploads images to Instagram in the way it requires, and it can resize extended captions in the way that very few other apps can. In addition to all these, if you want to look at what you’ve done before uploading it to Instagram, you can open up your post as a web page (inside Gramho) or download it as a backup file.

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